How to Install and Use FreeOffice 2021 on Ubuntu


FreeOffice, produced by the German software business SoftMaker, is one of the greatest free alternatives to Microsoft Office. They recently updated their Office suite to version 21. And here we will learn how to use the command prompt to install FreeOffice 2021 on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux.

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This free office suite is a part of the commercial one from the same developers known as SoftMaker Office 21 (also available for Linux). Of course, the premium version will have more features, but that doesn’t mean the free version- FreeOffice 2021 doesn’t meet all of your daily office document (MS-Word alternative) requirements. It has a ribbon-like interface similar to Microsoft Office and three modules: TextMaker 21 for creating documents, PlanMaker 21 for creating sheets (Excel equivalent), and Presentations 21 for creating presentations similar to MS-Powerpoint.

Installation instructions for FreeOffice 2021 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Linux

The techniques outlined here may also be applied to Ubuntu 22.04/18.04, LinuxMint, Debian 11, MX Linux, POP!OS, and other commonly used Linux distributions:

1. Sign in as root:

Let’s use the root user to log in:

sudo -i

2. Download and add GPG Key:

Before downloading and installing FreeOffice 2021, we must first add the GPG key used by its creators to sign the packages.

wget -qO - | apt-key add -

3. In Ubuntu 20.04, add the FreeOffice 2021 repository:

The package to install 2021 FreeOffice is not accessible in the official repository of Ubuntu 20.04, thus we must add the one from SoftMaker’s website.

sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/softmaker.list<<EOF
deb stable non-free

4. Refresh the APT cache:

To notify Ubuntu Linux that we have recently added a new repository and have cached the packages available in it, run the system update command.

sudo apt udpate

5. FreeOffice installation command for Ubuntu 20.04 Linux:

Finally, use the provided APT package management command to download and install the packages required to install the most recent free SoftMaker office suite on our Linux.

apt install softmaker-freeoffice-2021

6. Manage the Softmaker office:

When the installation is finished, go to the Application Launcher and look for FreeOffice. You’ll view all three of its modules: Textmaker, Planner, and Presentation. Select one of the options and begin producing papers.


The first window will prompt you to choose your preferred user interface for the application.


Uninstall or Remove (optional)

Those who no longer require this office suite in the future can uninstall it with the following command:

sudo apt remove softmaker-freeoffice-2021

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/softmaker.list

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How to Use FreeOffice 2021 on Ubuntu 22.04|20.04|18.04

After installing FreeOffice 2021 on your Ubuntu 22.04|20.04|18.04 system using one of the ways outlined above, go ahead and run it from the App Menu.


You will notice three distinct programs: FreeOffice PlanMaker, FreeOffice Presentations, and FreeOffice TextMaker.

Let’s start with the FreeOffice Plan creator, which is shown below. Choose your favorite theme from the selection.


You will then be asked to enter your user information. If you don’t need it right now, click cancel and continue.


You will then be sent to the FreeOffice Plan creator page, where you may construct spreadsheets in the same way as you would in MS Excel.


In terms of saving choices, FreeOffice provides two alternatives for saving your Plan Maker document, as seen below.


You may also use FreeOffice TextMaker, which is identical to MS Word.


This program also includes two choices for storing a document, as seen below.


Finally, there is the FreeOffice Presentations suite. This is identical to Powerpoint, but with new animations and transitions.


You are also given two saving choices for this application.


That was enough education! We installed and utilized FreeOffice 2021 successfully on Ubuntu 22.04|20.04|18.04. We’ve seen improved MS Office compatibility in FreeOffice 2021, which now includes two saving options.

The German SoftMaker Software is one of the most significant MS Office alternatives since it is fully compatible with MS suite formats. Although Free Office does not include all of the applications found in Microsoft Office, it focuses on typical applications such as Text (an alternative to MS Word), PlanMaker (SpreadSheet), and Presentation.

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