How to Check the BIOS Version On A Windows System


The basic Input and Output System (BIOS), is an important basic component that controls data flow between your computer OS and connected devices. It is also responsible for starting up your PC once you power it on.

Given the critical role played by this unit, it is often recommended that you update it whenever you encounter a system glitch. But you are equally required to know the current BIOS version before updating it. I will show you how to do so in this guide. You may also be interested in How to speed up a Mac device.

Method 1 – Check BIOS Version from the command line

Search for “cmd” using the windows search bar, and right-clicking on the first result, select “Run as administrator”. This will give you administrative privilege over the command line interface.


Next, type in the following command and hit the Enter key.

wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

You should see your BIOS version as displayed below. Mine is version 01.52.


Method 2 – Check for BIOS Version Using the System Information Tool

Using the search bar, search for “System information” and select the first result.


Under System Summary, scroll down to BIOS Version/Date. You will see your BIOS version just before the date value and after the Ver. keyword. You may also like How to turn on dark mode but n Windows PC.


That’s it. You now know how to easily access your BIOS version via the command line and system information app. When next you need this information, you can choose the most convenient method.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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