Microsoft releases Linux Desktop Management Support to Intune

Microsoft has announced that Linux desktop management support is generally available in Microsoft Intune, the mobile management solution that’s offered as part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager suite.

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Microsoft Intune currently allows organizations to manage Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, but this update will let IT admins leverage compliance policies, device configurations, and reporting to manage Linux desktops. Additionally, administrators will be able to use conditional access to protect Microsoft 365 web apps on Linux devices.

Ubuntu LTS versions 22.04 and 20.04 is the the first Linux desktop operating systems supported for Intune management as Microsoft updates Intune this month. Other Linux OS distributions will be supported for Intune management as well.

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As per looks, the Intune Support for Linux feature rollout is not complete. The UI for the Linux platform Intune Configuration Policies is not complete yet, but when the roll out is completed, Intune will have the following capabilities: Enrollment of Ubuntu LTS (22.04, 20.04) desktops; Conditional Access policies protecting web applications via Microsoft Edge; Standard compliance policies; and Support for Bash scripts for custom compliance policies.

The use of Azure Active Directory Conditional Access policies will let IT pros set conditions for Linux devices before accessing organizational resources. Linux devices can be compelled to meet compliance policies set up by an organization.

Microsoft is planning to permit Microsoft Endpoint Manager users to create Bash scripts for Linux device configurations, which will be coming “later this fall.” This scripting capability will let IT pros do things “like deploying Wi-Fi profiles and certificates to Linux desktops,” the announcement explained. Also, “pre-defined scripts” will be coming at some point.

Microsoft simultaneously announced that it has created a Microsoft Teams progressive Web app for Linux desktops, which “will be available in the coming months.”

The progressive Web app doesn’t get installed as an application but is instead accessed through a Web browser. Microsoft Edge was the browser described as getting access to this Teams progressive Web app for Linux.

Microsoft also will release an updated Teams Web client for Linux “in the coming months.” It’ll offer another way to access the Teams progressive Web app for Linux.

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