How to turn Mac desktop folder into emoji

Tired of blue folder icons on your desktop? You can actually change it, at least to the emoji of your choice. It’s a fun, amusing trick that’s also useful if you’re looking for a visual way to organize the folders on your laptop or PC.

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So, do you feel like trying it out? In this article, we’ll guide you through the quick process step by step so you can start transforming your blue folder icons into whatever your heart desires.

Step 1: Google Your Chosen Emoji

Goggle search for any Emoji image of your choice. But, make sure that you include “transparent” while searching (the image must be in .png format).

Step 2: Save and Copy The Image

Download your chosen image and double click to open in Preview. Press command + C to copy the image.

Step 3: Select The Folder Whose Icon You Want to Change

Find the folder you wanna customize and right-click it to select “Get Info.”

Step 4: Paste The Emoji

Click on the tiny folder found in the top left corner of the info panel and paste the Emoji.

Tip: You can use other photos (non-Emoji) or even do this to your app icons. The same steps apply!

We hope this article has helped, kindly drop your views in the comments section below.

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