How to change default iPhone camera app with shortcut automation

Apple doesn’t allow you to modify the default iPhone Camera app, at least officially. But a nifty little hack to switch to your favorite camera app in Shortcuts means you can use your favorite camera app, even when you tap the lock screen shortcut.

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So, below are step-by-step instructions to change the default Camera App on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the “Shortcuts” App. It is used to automate actions on your phone

Step 2: Select “Automation” It is at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the + sign. This starts the process of adding a new Automation

Step 4: Tap “Create Personal Automation.”

Step 5: Scroll down a little and select “App” This will allow us to trigger the automation by opening the Camera App.

Step 6: Choose “Camera” This will make opening the “Camera” app the trigger to our shortcut.

Step 7: Select “Add Action” When the shortcut is activated it will trigger these actions.

Step 8: Select “Scripting” It sounds scary but we will be triggering a very simple script.

Step 9: Select “Choose” and find the alternative default camera app.

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Now when you hit any of the Camera icons your new default camera App will open up!

It is recommended to turn off the “Ask Before Running” to have a smooth transition as soon as possible. But you may want to be asked before opening your default Camera App, especially if you sometimes want to shoot video in the normal iOS Camera App.

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