How to Delete Pages from a PDF File


Deleting pages from a PDF file can be a great way to reduce the size of the file and make it easier to navigate. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete pages from a PDF file in a few easy steps using PDFelement and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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How to Delete Pages From a PDF File Using PDFelement

Now that you know a little bit more about PDFelement, let’s go over how to delete pages from a PDF file using this software.

First, open up PDFelement and then click on the “Open File” button. Navigate to the PDF file you want to work with and then click on the “Open” button.


Once the file is open, select “Page” then the delete icon.


Next, go to the “Home” tab.


Select the thumbnail icon to list the PDF thumbnails on the left pane.


Now right-click on the Page you want to delete. and select Delete Page.


If you want to delete multiple pages, select “Range” and input the range value.


Next, click Ok.


The pages will be removed from your PDF file.

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How to Delete Pages From a PDF File Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If you’re using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, it’s really easy to delete pages from a PDF file. Here’s how:

1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and select “Organize Pages”. You can also find this option in the Tools tab.


2. You can see a thumbnail of every page in the PDF file, select the page you want to delete and click on the Delete icon that appears on it.


There will be a dialogue box asking you to confirm your action. Click on “Ok” to confirm it.


Repeat this process for every page you wanted to delete. Once done, you can see a new thumbnail of the remaining pages.



Deleting pages from a PDF file is a simple process that can be done in a few steps. By following this guide, you’ll be able to remove any unwanted pages quickly and easily.

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