How to Offload an individual App on iPhone

With fast technological advancements experienced in smartphones, there are many apps at your service, however, some of these apps might not be in use after some time, and obviously will be taken up some space on the phone.

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If you then wish to free up the space occupied by a particular app without permanently deleting it and don’t want to lose your data as well, for iPhone, all you need to do is to ‘Offload’ the app.

Offload is an iOS feature that works by removing an app without deleting the app’s data including login credentials.

Offloading apps on an iPhone can be carried out in two ways. That said, you can offload an app using the command from the settings menu or access the iPhone storage then select individual apps to offload. Both of these methods yield the same results.

Steps to Offload an individual App on iPhone

The following steps are applicable when offloading unused apps on iPhones:

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Step 1: Unlock your phone to access the Home screen. While on the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

Step 2: Then tap General and select iPhone Storage

Step 3: Wait for the page to load a list of all your apps. Once it’s generated the list, select the app you want to clear.

Step 4: Now tap Offload App.

That’s all. You now have some free space while retaining the app and its login credentials.

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