How to See WiFi Passwords in Windows 11

If you are always automatically connected to your WiFi, there is a great possibility that you have forgotten the Password.

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But there are times you will want to share you WiFi password with your friends, you can easily access this information on your Windows 11 computer from the control panel or the windows terminal.

Find Windows 11 WiFi Password from the Control Panel

To get started, connect to the network you need the password for. Then open control panel by searching for it, and select Network and internet.

Next, click Network and sharing center on the next screen.

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From here, you can see the network you are currently connected to. Click on the name to reveal the WiFi status. Then select Wireless properties.

This opens the wireless properties window, click on Security and check the box for “show characters. This reveals your WiFi connection details, including the password as shown below.

View WiFi Password on Windows 11 from the Windows Terminal

This option is helpful if you are not currently logged in to your WiFi network, and could not remember the password.

You need to open Windows terminal as an administrator. First, right-click on the windows icon on the taskbar, then select Windows terminal (Admin).

Next, run the following command;

netsh wlan show profile “WifiName” key=clear

While WifiName is the name of your WiFi network.

This displays your WiFi information, including the password as shown below.

I hope you find this guide helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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