How to Access the Hidden Windows 11 Start Menu

Do you know that there is a hidden start menu on your Windows 11 computer?

Every operating system has a hidden feature that you only need a couple of clicks to access.

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This guide shows you how to access and edit the hidden start menu in Windows 11.

First, to launch the hidden Windows 11 Start menu, right-click the Start menu icon on the taskbar, this displays a new menu.

From here, you can notice menu options that are depicted in texts, rather than graphics as is in the standard menu.

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Some features that you can conveniently access from here include the Power Options, and a retro Disk Management interface.

The power option allows you to adjust the way your computer consumes power and using this menu is a convenient way to do that.

The Disk Management interface accessible from the hidden start menu is a lot different from the Manage disk and volume accessible via regular search.

In conclusion, using the hidden Windows 11 Start Menu is a more convenient way to access your apps and important Windows features.

I hope you find this guide helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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