How to Disable Automatic Updates forWindows 10

Windows 10 updates are automatically downloaded onto your computer. Which you are then required to restart your computer, even if it is an inconvenience to you.

Earlier in the News: Microsoft launches Windows Autopatch for public preview.

Luckily, you can disable Windows 10 from automatically downloading updates to you computer to keep off obstructions. This guide show you how to do so.

But before you continue, remember that Windows 10 updates usually include critical security patches to keep your computer system running efficiently. So, it is recommended that you only perform this action for a limited period of time.

To disable Windows 10 update, open the run command by using the command key; Windows key + R. Then type in services.msc and hit Enter.

From the service list, select Windows Update.

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Next, click on General and change Startup Type to Disabled.

This disables automatic downloads for Windows 10 on your computer.

I hope you find this guide helpful? Kindly leave a comment if you find this guide helpful.

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