How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel

Microsoft excel spreadsheet can be used for several functions, and this include the gathering of information.

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But when gathering information, you may want to limit the amount of options that people entered into the spreadsheet. In this case, you can create a drop-down list that people can choose from.

This guide walks you through the steps to do so.

First, launch Microsoft Excel on your computer, and create your forms or questions.

Along the bottom of the screen, click the New Sheet button to add a new sheet to your workbook.

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You can double-click the name of the sheet to change it to a name you can reference as the drop-down list.

In the new sheet, create list of options you want to include in your Excel drop-down list.

Next, go back to the primary sheet where you want to add the drop-down list. Click an empty shell before one of the questions or forms.

Next, click Data in the menu of the ribbon toolbar.

This displays the data options. Click Data Validation in the data tools.

Under the “Settings” tab, click to expand the “Allow” drop-down menu, and select List.

Next, select the “Source” option. Then, highlight the cells that include the option you wanted to add to the previously selected cell. Or choose a range for the content in the drop-down menu. And click the Ok button.

When you click on the cell where you have added the drop-down list, a drop-down arrow will appear.

Clicking on it will display the items. You can select your choice, which will be inserted in the selected cell.

To modify the source data cell, you can easily delete an item, and it will automatically update in the input field. But to add an item, you need to select the input cell again, and go through the process of data validation again.

To delete the entire drop-down list, you can select the cell, navigate to Data option, and select the Clear All button.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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