Disable The Incognito Mode Features on Google Chrome on Windows PC


The Google Chrome incognito mode feature lets you browse anonymously by disallowing your browsing data from being saved to your PC.

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While this is a useful privacy feature. If you are an organization, a school, or a business, that manages PC for your students or workers. You may want to keep a tab on their browsing data.

This guide shows you how to disable the incognito mode feature on Google Chrome for Windows PC.

To do this, go to the Windows “Start” menu, and type “run” into the search bar to open the App.

Next, type in “Regedit” and click on the Ok button.

From the registry editor, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Next, go to SOFTWARE>>Policies. Then right-click on “Policies” and select New>>Key.

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Change the name of the newly created folder to “Google” and hit the “Enter” key.

Next, right-click on Google and select New>>Key. Then type “Chrome” into the newly created folder, and hit the “Enter” key.

Next, double-click on Chrome, and right-click the empty area. Then select New>>DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Change the name of the value to “IncognitoModeAvailability”. And hit the “Enter” key.

Next, double-click on it, change the data value to 1, and click Ok.

Now, restart your computer. The incognito mode option should be disabled in Google Chrome.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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