How to Clone a Hard Drive to SSD on Windows 10 and 11

The Hard drive is the primary storage unit of your computer system. Hence, its capacity determines the number of apps and files that your computer can accommodate.

It also contributes to your computer speed. The SSD variant performed better than the HDD variant in speed tests. Therefore, you need an SSD if you need more performance.

But to change your Hard Disk Drive to an SSD that has more storage and speed capacity. You wouldn’t want to lose your data, so you need to clone the contents of your Hard Disk to your SSD.

When you clone Hard Disk to SSD, you have a replica of your computer on the new storage unit, and you can safely change your computer HDD storage to SSD without damage or loss of data.

This guide walks you through the steps to clone your Hard Drive to SSD.

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What You Need to Change HDD to SSD

To change your computer HDD to SSD, you need to set up the following.

1. A Docking Station/USB to SATA Cable: A Docking station allows you to extend the functionality of your computer by providing additional ports that may not be available on a traditional laptop or desktop.

You will need one that allows you to insert additional drives into your computer. You will need to insert the SSD into the docking station and connect it to your computer as shown below.

A USB to SATA cable can also accomplish a similar task.

2. Cloning Software: You will need this to make the cloning process easier. For this guide, we are going to be using the free Macrium software to clone our drive.

You should visit the Macrium download page to get a copy of this software. Once you are on the download page, you should select the “Home Use” version.

You will be prompted to optionally enter your email address to download the software. Once done, click on the”Continue” button.

You should receive an email from Macrium, which contains the download link and your registration code. You should copy the registration code and save it somewhere, then click on the download link to download the software.

The installer will be downloaded, you should open it to begin the software download process. Once downloaded, you should follow the Windows installer instructions to install the software to your computer.

Once installed, you should launch the software.

Clone Your Hard Drive to SSD with Macrium Reflect

Now that you have the prerequisites setup, you should launch the Macrium software. It should automatically detect all drives that are connected to your computer. But if it doesn’t detect a drive, you can fix it by checking our guide on how to fix a drive not showing up on Windows 10/11.

Next, select the “Clone this disk” option to clone your Hard Drive.

Next, you are asked to select a disk to clone to.

Clicking on it will display every available disk. Select your SSD.

Next, Drag-and-drop the partitions in your HDD to your SSD.

Then press the “Next” button to continue to schedule your cloning. Next is a summary of your scheduled actions, once satisfied, click on the “Finish” button to start the cloning process.

The process should take several minutes depending on the size of your computer. Once done, you can view the cloned drive from the Windows file explorer.

Now, you can properly install the SSD on your computer and boot your computer using your new Drive.

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I hope you find this guide helpful. Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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