How to remove a member from an Atlassian Trello board

Removing a member from Atlassian Trello is easy but quite different from how to remove a member from a Trello account only. This guide will simply be explaining how to remove a member from a Atlassian Trello board.

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When a member is removed from a board, the member will be removed from all cards on the board. This simply means they will no longer be a member of those cards.

However, any other actions on the board (e.g. comments, checking off an item on a checklist, etc.) will remain. For example, if the member left comments on the back of the card, the comments will remain even if the member is removed from the board.

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That being said, here is how to remove a member from the Atlassian Trello board:

Simply go to the board men and click the avatar in the members’ section.

Select “Remove from Board.”

Then tap “Remove member.”

We hope this guide has helped in denying any person, not a member of your team not to have access to activities in your Trello Board. Do comment below about what guide you will like us to talk about next.

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