How to make Twitter Dark Mode

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms, and if you are concerned about customizing this app. You are one of its 330 million active monthly users.

One of the best feature offered by Twitter is the dark mode. In this mode, you can improve the aesthetics and feel of your Twitter app by changing to a darker theme.

There are many benefits of using the Twitter dark mode on either your iOS mobile phone, Android mobile phone, or Twitter for desktop.

Apart from the appealing look, it causes less strain to your eye, making it a good choice for eye protection. Your devices also consume less power when using the dark mode as compared to the default mode.

It also improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.

In this guide, we will show you how to customize your Twitter theme to a darker mode.

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How to Use Twitter dark Mode on Android and iOS

To use the Twitter dark mode on your Android or iOS app, you should open your Twitter mobile app and go to the Menu. You can open menu by tapping on your profile picture.

At the lower-left corner of your screen, you will notice a bulb signal. Select it to open the dark-mode options.

From here, you can either choose the “Dim” or “Lights Out” option. The dim theme makes your app background a darker blue, while the light-out theme makes your app background completely black.

If you use iPhone, you can select the option to use device settings, then turn on a dark theme for your iPhone or iPad from settings.

To enable a dark theme for your iOS device, go to Settings>>Display & Brightness.

You will notice two theme option; Light and Dark theme. Select the dark theme to make your iOS device background dark.

Henceforth, every app that supports using the device theme setting will use the default dark background. Including Twitter.

To enable a dark theme on your Android 10 and newer devices, go to Settings>>Accessibility>>Display. From here, you can turn on dark theme by selecting the “Enable Dark Theme” option.

Enable Twitter Dark mode on Desktop

To enable dark mode on the desktop version of Twitter, log in to Twitter from your browser and select your profile icon to reveal the menu.

Next, scroll down to select “Display”.

Then scroll down to “Background”. Select “Lights Out” or “Dim”, then “Done”.

This changes your Twitter Desktop background to a dark theme.

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I hope you find this guide helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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