Apple Discontinues Seventh-generation iPod Touch

Apple has discontinued the iPod Touch, one of the most important products in its history that upended the music and electronics industries more than two decades ago.

The company on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, made this known saying it would discontinue the iPod Touch, the last remnant of a product line that first went on sale in October 2001. The touch-screen model, which launched in 2007, will remain on sale until supplies run out.

For a generation of people who lived, worked, and grew up in the 2000s, the word “iPod” was synonymous with music. Escaping the sight of those white ear buds was nearly impossible. And despite the speed with which smartphones took over peoples’ lives, Apple kept making its digital media players without much fuss.

The company over years released dozens of versions of the iPod over the years. It stopped making its smallest music players, the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in 2007 due to the advent of smartphones. And in 2019, Apple stopped updating the iPod touch. So, its move doesn’t come as a surprise.

iPod hasn’t played an important role in Apple’s product strategy for a that long time, and it was increasingly a niche product aimed at kids and those who didn’t want to use their phones for remote controls or workouts.

While it is said that the company has let go of its 20-year-old device, it maintained that the “spirit of the iPod” continues in other products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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