How to lock WhatsApp on iPhone: Prevent Unauthorized Access to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is often used for personal communication between friends and families. The information shared can contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be exposed to a third party.

The issue of sensitive information leaking out to unauthorized personnel is one of the reasons WhatsApp was made to be privacy-centric by ensuring all messages are end-to-end encrypted. But this can only protect your information across the internet, not locally.

Your information is not only exposed to the danger of getting into the wrong hand on the internet. It can equally get into the hand of unauthorized personnel that may get access to your phone. It is also a fact that WhatsApp does not feature pin lock by default, thereby giving anyone that has access to your phone password the authority to view your WhatsApp chats

You can prevent this by enabling touch ID protection for WhatsApp on your iPhone. While WhatsApp does not offer local data protection on its android version, you can easily lock your WhatsApp with your Touch ID on your iPhone.

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Lock WhatsApp for iPhone with Touch ID

To lock your WhatsApp app on your iPhone, you should open the app and go to Settings>>Account>>Privacy.

Now, scroll down to “Screen Lock” and select it.

Next, flip on the “Require Touch ID” switch and select the timer before the screen lock is enabled. You should pick immediately for maximum protection.

Next time you open WhatsApp, you will be required to use your touch ID to access it.

If your Touch ID isn’t functioning, you can use your phone passcode to log in. The option will be displayed immediately your Touch ID failed to respond.

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