How to Block a Number on iPhone

While smartphones are useful for many things, the most important feature is making calls, and this is the primary purpose of a smartphone.

But this privilege can also be misused as people do utilize smartphones to make unwarranted calls or to harass others. This can be discomfiting and sometimes dangerous to receive such calls.

If you are receiving such unwarranted calls or feel endangered by receiving a call, you can either report them to the relevant authority or block such numbers if it is a more efficient solution.

But how do you block a number on iPhone? This post walks you through that step. You may also be interested in How to solve iPhone speaker not working.

Block a Number on iPhone

To block a number on your iPhone, open your phone “Contacts” app to view all contacts on your phone, or go to “Recents” to view recently received calls.

Next, click on the exclamation mark beside the contact you wish to block.

This displays information about the contact, scroll down and click on “Block This Caller”.

This ensures you never receive a call from the caller henceforth.

In case you changed your decisions. You can unblock the contact by following the process again and clicking on “Unblock this Caller”.

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I hope you find this guide helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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