How to Unmute WhatsApp Status; How to Mute a WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is an innovative messaging platform that makes interaction/communications with friends and family easier. It is also a great tool for doing businesses, especially with the introduction of the business version of WhatsApp; “WhatsApp Business”.

But apart from the messaging features offered by WhatsApp, it also provides you an entertainment feature where you can share latest updates as multimedia to friends and family in the form of status. You can share and view videos, images, and texts from your contacts without having a communication with them.

But not all information are informative. You may find some status updates to be offensive or improper, and may wish not to see them again. An option is to block the contact, but if that isn’t ideal for you, you may mute the status instead.

Muting a WhatsApp status will remove any status updates from that contact from your view. I.e, it will be hidden where it isn’t visible.

But once you mute a status, how do you unmute it in case you changed your mind. This post walks you through the steps to unmuting and muting a WhatsApp status update.

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How to Unmute a WhatsApp status Updates

To unmute a WhatsApp status, open WhatsApp and go to “Status”.

Now, scroll down to the end of the “Recent Updates”. Here you will notice a folder labeled “Muted Updates”.

Click on it to reveal the lists of muted updates.

Long-press on an update that you wish to unmute, this reveals an option to unmute it by the lower left side of the screen, click on that.

You should start seeing status updates from that particular contact henceforth.

How to Mute a WhatsApp Status Update

To mute a WhatsApp status update or to stop seeing a status update from your WhatsApp contact, simply open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone, and go to “Status”.

Now, scroll to the particular status you wanted to mute and long-press it. This reveals the “Mute” option in the lower-left corner of the screen.

You should click on the “Mute” button to stop seeing status updates from that particular WhatsApp contact.

I hope you find this guide helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have a question. Earlier in the News: New Pinterest TV studio app allows video makers to live-stream easily.

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