How To Block A Gmail User On iPhone & Android

Often when you receive an unsolicited SMS on your mobile device, the delete and block buttons are just in a click. But in an email account, this might be a bit different. How do you now keep your inbox safe from spammers and the likes? This is what the piece you are about to read is all about. Categorically, you will be learning about how to block a Gmail user on iPhone and Android.

Before we explain the steps taken to block a user on a Gmail account, know that the procedure helps you to protect your inbox but it doesn’t provide you immunity against spammers as they have ways of cleverly carrying out their spamming activities that blocking can’t tackle.

Also, is necessary to note that when you block someone’s email address or contact, particularly on Gmail, all future emails from the person go straight to the spam section. You do not get notifications for these emails, nor do they increase the unread count. You can only get their notification until you decide to unblock the contact. Now let’s see how to use the blocking feature on Gmail.

Steps to Block a Gmail Account User on iPhone and Android

How to block an email on Gmail on PC isn’t the same on the app. These are the steps to follow to block an email on Gmail on iPhone (iOS) or Android:

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your smartphone

Step 2: Open the inbox and navigate to the message (sender) you want to block. Then open the message.

Step 3: Now click the three dots icon just at the the top-right of the message.

Step 4: In the drop down that appeared, click “Block (Sender).”

Step 5: That’s all. You will receive notification that you have blocked the account in question.

Note that the same process is to be followed to unlock the user. With this guide, it is believed that blocking and unblocking users on Gmail shouldn’t be an issue for you. If there is any guide you will like us to provide, kindly drop a comment below.

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