How to Create Table of Contents in Word

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If you’re writing a long note in Microsoft words like a research paper or a book. Depending on how many words you write, your project might be hundreds or even a thousand pages long.

When a document contains hundreds of pages, it can be stressful to remember which page has specific information. You might need to look for information on the last pages which can be impractical to scroll through.

To avoid this,  Microsoft Word has made it possible to insert a table of contents at the beginning of your writing to make your project navigation easier. 

A table of content in Word is a list of what the document contains. It lists each item in your document and the page number where it begins. For example, if you wrote an e-book on the Keto diet for beginners, and you want to check a recipe that you’ve included in the book. You can quickly check your table of contents to where recipes are, then go straight to the page! That’s pretty easy.

You can create your table of content manually by typing the name of each section and the page associated with it. But that is time-consuming, and you’ll have to update it if you ever decide to add more information or rearrange your sections.

However, with the proper formatting, you can easily Insert a Table of Contents in Word, and it will be updated automatically as you add or remove any information or section. You may also be interested in how to use Microsoft word for free.

Step By Step Guide On How To Insert an Automatic Table Of Contents In Words

An automatic table of content keeps track of your sections and page numbers. If you applied the Heading 1 style to all your sections, then Microsoft Word will automatically scan your document and find everything that has been written on the Heading 1 style and place it on the first level of the table of contents. Everything written in the Heading 2 style will be placed on the second level of your table of contents.

If you have your document properly formatted with the Headings style, follow the steps below to create the Table of Contents in Word

Direct your cursor to where you want the table of content to appear, then go to References>Table of contents.


Thereafter, select an option from the lists under the automatic style.


You can also use manual table of content by selecting the manual style.


This will add a table of contents to your document.


If you want to modify the style of your table of contents, click on the modify button and select the features you want to change. Click on the modify button again to apply.

To update the table of contents once your document changes, right click on the table of contents and select the “Update table” button.


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I hope you find this guide helpful, please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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