How to Convert PDF to Excel

Convert pdf to excel

Portable document formats (PDF) is a popular digital file extension used to represent electronic documents. One of the main advantages of PDF is that the document presented is independent of software, operating system, or hardware.

This is because PDF files contain the complete description of the document layout required to view the files. PDF documents conveniently allow users to exchange, share and view documents quickly and conveniently while preserving the document’s original appearance irrespective of the device used in creating and viewing the document.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your situation, PDF data don’t change easily. If you’ve created a document and want to prevent modification of any form to that document, then PDF is the best format for you.

On the other hand, if you’re required to work with and manipulate data in PDF files, you’ll be very annoyed by how hard it is to alter these files, especially if you need PDF data in excel format.

Despite being a popular file format that is often used, PDF files cannot be easily converted into Excel file.

If you’re one of those Excel users that work with PDF files and need to convert them to Excel most of the time, then you’re at the right place. You might also want to learn how you can sign PDF files electronically without first printing or scanning them: Android.

Below are some easy tips on how to convert PDF files into Excel:

Convert PDF to Excel using the “Copy and Paste” Method

The simplest way to bring PDF data into Excel is by copying the data and pasting it on your Excel app.

You can do this by highlighting the particular data to be used, copying it by pressing CTRL+C, and pasting it into an excel cell by issuing CTL+R. Once every details have been filled, you can proceed to working with the excel file.

While this appears to be an easy method, it is never recommended if you are working with large data since it takes time to complete. Additionally, you might experience encoding problem since excel may not support some type of encoding used for pdf files. Hence, you may need to edit each text after pasting them into excel cells.

Convert PDF to Excel Using Acrobat DC

You can easily convert PDF to excel by using Adobe Acrobat DC .

Note: The text to be converted to Excel should be in the table format.

Open your PDF File on Adobe Acrobat Dc, then select the portion of PDF file you will like to convert.

Right-click on the selection and choose the “Export Selection as” option.

This opens the “Save as” dialogue box where you can name your file.

Input a name, and use the “Save as type” option to select file type. Select the “Excel Workbook” type.

Then click the “Save” button.

This saves your work into excel.

To export an entire PDF document to Excel

After opening the pdf file in Acrobat DC. Go to Files>Export to>Spreadsheet>Microsoft Excel Workbook.

This opens the “Save as” dialogue box where you can rename your file. Select “Settings” to customize your spreadsheet.

Here, you can select the number of worksheet to be created in the workbook. You can also select if to run OCR on the file.

Once done, click the “Ok” button, and then the “Save” button to convert your PDF to Microsoft excel format.


Another way to convert PDF files to Excel is using Microsoft Word online or One Drive. This can quickly be done by opening the PDF file you want to convert, then copying the content from a Microsoft Word file and pasting it into Excel.

You may be interested in how to convert saved documents to PDF, check out our guide on that.

I do hope you find this guide helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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