How to Get more Fonts on Google Docs

Google docs is one of the most used word processors for writing, editing, and sharing projects. But despite its rich feature, there is a limitation in the number of fonts available to choose from.

This is because the fonts won’t appear in the drop-down menu of the app, but then there’s an add-on you can install to give you a chance to add more fonts to Google Docs.

If you find the number of fonts on Google docs so limiting and you want to explore a wide range of fonts but don’t know how to do it, then you are at the right place. This guide will show you how to quickly get new fonts on Google docs by accessing pre-installed fonts or using an add-on to add more fonts.

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How to Add Fonts To Google Docs Using the Font Menu 

One of the easiest ways to add fonts to your google docs is by exploring the font menu. The front menu of Google docs shows only a limited number of fonts, but you can add the number of fonts by broadening the menu. Here’s how to do it: 

Open an existing google document or create a new document on the Google doc desktop page.


Click on the font picker bar on the toolbar and choose to add more fonts. This will take you to a new window.

Select font picker
Select “More fonts”

Several fonts that are not available on your font picker will appear. You can also search for your favorite fonts by typing its name into the search bar.


Customize your search by clicking on the options at the top to filter fonts based on script, popularity, e.t.c


Click on the fonts you like, and they’ll be automatically added to your fonts picker.

Click on the Okay button to close the fonts page.


Your newly added font will be visible on your google docs fonts picker


The Google docs web app allows you to keep track of your favorite fonts in the More fonts Window. You can easily add or remove fonts from your favorite fonts list.

How to Add Fonts on Google Docs using an Add-on

Another way to add more fonts to google docs is by using an Add-on. 

A popular add-on used for adding fonts to google docs is Extensis font. This software allows you to add over 900 fonts, but you have to install and integrate it into your account first. 

Here’s a simple way to do it:

Open an existing document or create a new document on your google docs app, then on the top of the app, click on Extensions>Add-ons.


Thereafter, select “Get Add-ons”.


It will take you to the G suite Market place where you can search for “Extensis Fonts”.


Click on the Extensis fonts add on that appears on your screen.


A blue “Install” button will appear; click on it to install the extension on your Google docs.


If you have more than one account on your computer, you will be prompted to choose the google account you want this app to be added to. Thereafter, review its data-sharing information, then click Accept. This will install Extensis font on your selected account.


You can open the Extensis Fonts on the add the menu and choose the fonts you want to apply to your document.

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I do hope you find this guide useful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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