Android: How To Download Videos on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Using All Video Downloader

Downloading videos on Meta-owned apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp cannot be done without third-party apps. This is because they simply lack the feature.

There are many software or apps which are sometimes called extensions that can allow you to download videos from your social media apps. All Video Downloader is one of these tools. It specifically made for the three most popular Meta apps: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The app is available for Android users only on the Play store and it is easy to use. Another reason why the downloader is recommended is that it saves you from installing different apps to download videos. Having said that, let’s look at how to use the All Video Downloader to download videos on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Steps to Use All Video Downloader

Step 1: Open your device and launch “All Video Downloader” app

Step 2: On the landing page, you will see Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp icons.

Step 3: Let’s say you want to download a video on Facebook. Thus, click the “Icon.” Before now, ensure you can access the said video directly from Facebook.

Step 4: Go to Facebook and Click on the Video icon.

Step 5: Search for the video you want to download. Then, click the “three dots” at the right hand side.

Step 6: Then scroll and click on “Copy Link”.

Step 7: Now go back to All Video Downloader and paste the copied link in the box provided, then click download.

How to Download Videos on Instagram Using All Video Downloader

The same steps used for Facebook applies for Instagram. So, just go to Instagram and grab the video link, then past and click “Download.”

How to Download Videos on WhatsApp Using All Video Downloader

For WhatsApp, aside from videos, you can download images as well. To do this, just click on WhatsApp icon in the app.

Then click on your desired command (image or video), it will bring available images or videos. Click on the exact image or video to be downloaded. It will load immediately and saved to your local drive.

We hope that this article has been of help in one way or the other, we will like to know your personal experience with the discussed app, kindly drop your comments below.

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