WPS: How To Convert Saved Documents To PDF on Mobile Phones

Word Power Processing (WPS) is an office suite for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. It is a competitor of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It can be used to prepare word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations.

It is free to use and also has a premium version. We aren’t going to go into details about the features of this productivity tool, our focus in this guide is to explain how you can convert a saved document on your mobile phone to PDF using WPS.

Steps to Convert Saved Documents to PDF using WPS

Usage of WPS is simple to use and the steps involved in converting your saved word documents to PDF with the office tool are also an easy task. Here we go!

Step 1: Open your device and launch the “WPS” app.

Step 2: After launching the app, click on the saved word document you want to convert to PDF.

Step 3: Because the word document is saved before this time, click on the “edit” icon at the left corner to enable all available editing features.

Step 4: Now, click the first icon at the bottom left.

Step 5: Click on “File”

Step 6: In the drop down that appears, click “Export to PDF.”

Step 7: Click on “Original” and tap “Export to PDF” as shown below. Note that the “Watermark” feature will only work if you are using the paid WPS version.

Step 8: Choose desired storage location

Step 9: Rename the document if you so wish and tap “Export to PDF.” After the command finished loading (100%), that means your work is successfully done. You begin to use the PDF version of that document as wishes.

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