Android: How To Clear Cache On Apps To Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

One of the main causes, why your device might be running slow, is when there are much data stored in your cache.

Cache on Androids are bits of information that apps or browsers use to speed up performance.

When you noticed that a particular app on your Android has collected a lot of files that you don’t need, you can clear out the files to free up a little space. This will in turn improve your phone’s performance. On Android smartphones, it is easier to clear the cache found in an app. This process will be explained below.

How to Clear Cache on Androids Apps

Open your device and go to “Settings.”

Scroll down and click on “Storage”

Apps are usually saved in the internal storage, thus, scroll down to the app you want to clear its cache. We are using Zoom for this article.

Now, tap the app. You will see details of the data on the app. Click “Clear Cache.”

Note: If you click “Clear Data”, all the information on the app will be gone.

Once that is done, you will observe the cache section will be 0 Byte (B). If the app has a large cache, after clearing it, your device performance will improve automatically.

Clearing cache might be helpful once in a while, but a regular cache clearing schedule isn’t required. Instead of clearing the cache often to have more space, get an external memory card or uninstall unused apps. We hope this article has helped, kindly drop your comments below.

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