Tips To Fixing A Smartphone (iOS & Android) That Hangs

Have you ever encountered a problem where when you order a command on your phone, it refuses? There are many basic reasons why your smartphone (Android or iOS) is hanging. It ranges from hardware faults to software faults.

That your phone hangs once in a while is not much of a problem to worry about, however, once it happens more often than not, it is then important that you give the following proposed solutions, which we would discuss in a trial.

When you noticed your smartphone begins to misbehave or hang, here are possible tips to fix them.

1. Uninstall Suspicious Apps

Any app that is downloaded from untrusted sources, and not the phone’s default app store, are usually full of viruses that are harmful to the phone. To stop the phone from hanging, it is then instructive to uninstall the apps and refrain from downloading apps from sources you’re not sure of.

2. Use Antivirus

Sometimes there is a need for antivirus to get rid of certain viruses as they can be persistent. You can search for antivirus from your phone’s app store and download the preferred antivirus of your choice. Launch the app and use it to scan your files to remove any virus that is harmful to your phone.

3. Clear Recent Data

These pieces of data are stored by the several apps on your phone as you use them, and it gets to a time when your phone’s RAM gets clogged causing your phone to hang.

To clear these, go to settings, click on apps, select an app you use frequently, then click on storage and click on clear data. Do this for all the other apps on your phone that you use frequently.

4. Do Away With Heavy Games/Videos

Games are usually very large, and this takes up a lot of the phone’s ram space as it runs, and as you continue this for a long period, it causes your phone to hang. Avoid these games and videos on your phone, also do not use them for a long time if you must.

5. Download & Install Latest Software

The apps on your phone do release updated versions on regular basis, these versions usually fix the bugs on the previous versions, which are capable of solving any abnormality you can encounter while using your phone or certain apps. Download and install apps updates regularly.

6. Get External Memory

Deleting files regularly may be the solution if your phone does not have large and sufficient storage to contain all the files you need and use. To ensure that you have your data intact and your phone running without glitches, you must get an SD card that would serve as an external and extra memory space for your phone.

7. Reset Factory Settings

It is advised that you reset your phone’s software if all the above tips do not work. This is also referred to as factory reset. This act will ensure your phone have a fresh start and you should ensure that you back up your data so as not to lose important information.

Generally, budget smartphones are more likely to have hanging issues compared to smartphones with more impressive specs. However, irrespective of the phone type you use, the tips above should be able to handle all your phone hanging issues.

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