How to Customize the Gmail Swipe Action

Gmail swipe action

Gmail Is an application or software that makes it easier to work on the go. It can be used with other Google apps for activities, such as chatting, video calls, voice calls, etc. It can also be used in communication such as sending and receiving files or documents such as cv , appointment letters, and any other work or educational related document.

Another notable Gmail feature is that you can create multiple accounts for any purpose, either using them as an alias or to manage other forms of communication. Gmail also provides an intuitive way to swipe between each account from the Gmail App by simply swiping your account logo up or down.

But an outstanding feature provided by Gmail is the swipe action. It is an intuitive way to perform quick action on any incoming mail by either swiping to the left or to the right thereby saving you a considerable amount of time.

Perhaps you are familiar with this feature and wish to customize the action performed by a swipe, or you are just learning about it. This guide explains what it is, and how you can customize how it behaves.

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What are Gmail Swipe Actions?

The Gmail Swipe action is an intuitive method of performing actions on an incoming mail. You can either swipe a mail to the left or to the right to perform certain actions such as “Archive” and “Delete”. 

The default action, either to the left or to the right is to achieve a mail, but there are other actions that can be performed other than that.

The actions that can be performed are six, and they are:

. Archive

. Delete

. Mark as read/unread

. Love to

. Snooze

. None

To enable these actions, you need to customize the Gmail swipe action.

How to Customize the Gmail Swipe Action

While there are six actions in total, you can only set two to be performed at a time on either your Android or iOS Gmail App. You can follow the steps described below to set up your preferred Gmail swipe actions. 

Step 1. Open the Gmail App.

Step 2. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the page.

An image showing the hamburger menu in gmail

Step 3. Scroll down to “Settings” and click on it.

An image showing settings in the Gmail app

Step 4. On Android, tap “General Settings”. And on iOS, scroll down to “Mail Swipe Actions”

Step 5. On Android, find mail swipe actions and click on it. 

Step 6. On Android, tap on the “Change” button next to either right swipe or left swipe, while you select the action below each swipe action on iOS devices to change it.

An image showing the Gmail swipe actions

Once you have set your swipe actions, you can practice using it to get familiar with the new actions.

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I hope you find this guide helpful, please leave a comment if you have any question.

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