5 Basic Reasons Why Your Smartphone Usually Hang

As technology continually evolves in the world, we can do so much more tasks with phones now than ever before. Oh, pardon my manners, it is not even right to call phones without adding “smart” to them, as a result of the many functionalities attached.

However, just like humans have a limit to what they can do, so also with phones. As much as phones can do very much in our daily tasks, they can’t go beyond certain boundaries in their usage. When a phone has probably been used beyond its limit, the resultant effect is usually that it hangs.

A popular challenge with smartphones is phone hanging which can also be called phone crash or phone freezing. The causes of phone hanging can range from hardware faults to software faults.

You may be wondering what phone hanging means, it is the state when a mobile phone stops responding to commands of the user. When the phone hangs, no matter what is done, the phone will refuse to do anything.

We will be learning about what causes phones to hang and how possibly to go about this tasking challenge.

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Hanging

1. Low storage

One of the smartphones is that it has limited storage capacity which means the device gets full before you so much on it. Games, Photos, and Videos are data which up a lot of space on our phones and there is a need for enough storage space to be able to handle tasks without hindrance. When the storage capacity of your smartphone is used up to 80%, then what will most probably be that your phone hangs.

2. Malware apps

Not all sites are trustworthy or they can be regarded as risky. As a result, mobile apps downloaded from these sites or sources most often than not, are dangerous as they contain malware (or virus) that interferes with the phone’s background processes and end up making the phone hang.

3. Overheating

Phones are usually tied up while using, however continuous use of the phone when it is heating causes the phone to hang, which will result in the phone restarts Between 35-38 Celcius is what a smartphone should normally heat, once it is higher than this, it becomes abnormal and makes the phone hang.

4. Outdated Software

The phone can begin to hang when there is the presence of obsolete software versions. There are certain bugs in system software that can cause the phone to hang or hinder the phone from optimal operations, which is why they are updated regularly.

5. Low RAM

Low RAM capacity makes a phone to be able to only run several apps at the same time. When a phone is being used for a long time, and it is used to run several apps on a low RAM, the phone begins to hang.

It is usually said prevention is better than cure, as you have known the reasons why your smartphone might be hanging, try to prevent more damage by putting the causes provided in constant check.

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