How to Use the Twitter Advanced Search

About 500 million tweets are sent on Twitter every day. That’s about 6000 tweets per second! Searching through such amount of tweet can be tricky. But you can search through them and thousands of profiles on twitter by using the Twitter Advanced Search.

This little-known feature is often used by marketers and business owners because it provides you with advanced tools to find prospective clients or search for a particular tweet.

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Why Twitter Advanced Search?

The Advanced Twitter Search on Mobile allows you to adjust search results to specific profiles, dates, and phrases. For example, you can search for “Where can I get a handbag” or “Where can I find a Therapist in CA.” This makes finding specific brands, profiles, and products more accessible. 

Even if you can’t remember the Twitter handle of a tweet author, you can search a specific tweet by using a phrase from the tweet. You can also filter a profile to reveal more information.

The Twitter Advanced Search enables you to filter and customize your search as much as you can.

Step by Step Guide on How to use the Twitter Advanced Search

This feature sounds fantastic. I know you can’t wait to learn how to use the Twitter Advanced Search. Grab a cup of coffee as I walk you through a detailed step on how to use this feature.

To begin, type what you want to search into the Twitter search bar, then select from the suggestions that appears with the search logo.

An image showing “Search twitter”.

From the top right of the result page. Select the ellipses button.

An image showing how to Select the ellipses button

Then select “Advanced Search” from the drop-down menu.

An image showing where to select Twitter advanced search button

The Advanced Search Tab will show some filters; you can use this to customize your search.

An image showing how to Add your filter to the advanced search page

Click on “Search” to apply the filter.

An image showing where to Click “Search” to apply the filter

The Twitter Advanced Search feature provides you with phrases to refine your search result and explore all the nooks and crannies of Twitter. Below are some;

  • “Mentioning these accounts”: this enables you to see those that are talking about you on Twitter
  • ” From account” and “to account”: this shows you the interactions between two or more accounts. That’s their tweets, retweets, likes, and replies. 
  • ” None of these words”: this helps remove unnecessary information from your search result.
  • “All of these words”: this narrows your search to specific words or phrases. That means a tweet that doesn’t have all the terms will not be shown.
  • ” Any of these words”: this is the opposite of the above feature. It broadens your search scope by showing tweets that contain any of your search words. 


You can save up to 25 searches on your account. Click on the + save a search on the right-hand side of your search bar. 

Saving a search enables you to keep a tab on people mentioning you, sharing your content, or tweeting keywords you’re interested in.

As a business owner or marketer, The Twitter Advanced Search is a goldmine for you as it makes marketing easier by allowing you to cut through the noise by specifying your search result. Now that you know how to use the advanced search feature on Twitter. Give it a try!

It is also worthy to note that the Twitter advanced search feature is not available in the Twitter mobile app, to use this feature, you need to visit Twitter via the desktop version.

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I hope you find this guide useful, please leave a comment if you had a question.

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