How to Backup iPhone Files to Google Drive

A smartphone is a handheld device that performs similar functions to a computer. From making calls to storing contacts and media files, there’s a lot you can do on your smartphone.

While smartphones serve many functions, you can experience theft or damage, losing valuable data on your device. So, how can you safeguard your data and media files? A backup to the rescue! iPhones are designed with a cloud storage and computing system called iCloud.

Though Apple has its storage solution, you may want to backup your iPhone to google drive instead of iCloud. Google Drive offers more storage than iCloud, saving you data. Are you looking for ways to backup your iphone data to Google Drive? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the nitty-gritty of the backup process.

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How to start your backup

Before you begin the process, you should ensure that your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. Also, note that backing up your data multiple times can overwrite previous backups, especially your contacts and calendars.

Meanwhile, Google does not back up contacts or calendars from third-party services. If you want to backup iPhone photos to Google Drive, you shouldn’t organize them in albums. Photos arranged in albums don’t get backed up. Follow the steps below to backup your data to Google Drive.

Step 1: Navigate to the iTunes store and download the Google Drive app for iOS

An image showing Install Google Drive from app store

Step 2: Install and open the app

Step 3: Tap the hamburger icon on the top left. This reveals the menu.

An image showing Open Google drive and tap the hamburger menu

Step 4: Locate “Settings” and tap it

An image showing the “Settings” button from Google drive

Step 5: Tap “Backup”

An image highlighting the backup button in Google drive

Step 6: Select “Start Backup”

An image showing the “Start Backup” button

Once done, your data, including your photos, contacts, and calendar, gets backed up to Google Drive. Typically, your videos and photos may take a longer time to back up. This is usually due to the upload speed and amount of data to be uploaded.

A huge plus to backing up your data is that you can access them on Google Drive in cases of theft or phone damage.

Why you should backup iPhone data to Google cloud instead of iCloud

In terms of storage, accessibility, intuitive interface, and technical support, Google cloud seems to be a better option than iCloud. Below are reasons to backup iPhone data to Google Cloud instead of iCloud.

  • Google has more free storage space (15GB) than iCloud (5GB). The storage offers unlimited space to store photos and videos.
  • Google cloud promotes accessibility as it supports many non-Apple devices. You can access your data on the platform regardless of whether you’re an Apple or non-Apple user.
  • Compared to iCloud, Google Cloud has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create, upload and download files. It’s also responsive; thus, you can use the platform when there’s poor network service.
  • Google boasts reliability as it seldom crashes. You can also run several applications simultaneously without any hassle.

Google backups iPhone data through its cloud storage solution, Google Drive. Compared to iCloud, the platform offers ample storage space for files and folders. Follow the above-listed steps to backup essential data on Google Drive.

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