Google Mirrors Samsung, Set to Launch Repair Program for Pixel Phones

Google has teamed up with iFixit, just like Samsung, to launch a new repair program with a kit and spare parts for Pixel phones.

According to reports, the program will be launched during the summer with phone parts like batteries, displays, and cameras made available on iFixit’s website for the Pixel 2 through the Pixel 6 Pro.

The tech giant explained that its reasons for these new repair options are its commitment to hardware sustainability.

The repair kit will come with an assortment of iFixit tools, including a suction handle to remove the display and ESD-Safe tweezers to move internal parts around.

The repair options for Pixel phones are Google’s commitment to hardware sustainability.

It is said that the kit and spare parts will only be available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and EU countries where Pixel is available.

Google stated that it judges how easy it is to repair a particular Pixel model, then creates subsequent tools and training courses. Currently, only authorized partners are privy to this information, but there are plans to expand the availability of these resources.

Since 2020, Google has made new commitments to make more of its products environmentally and repair friendly. For American schools, Google partnered with Acer and Lenovo for a Chromebook repair program.

The company affirmed that starting in 2022, all of its hardware products will have recycled materials, and the company working on achieving plastic-free packaging by 2025.

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