How to Change Gmail Notification Preference on iPhone

Gmail is an intuitive electronic communication tool that makes information sharing and collaboration easier for businesses and individuals.

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You can use your Gmail account to receive both texts and multimedia from supported sources, which can be from a school, an organization, or your friends and family. This means lots of notifications if you have information from different sources.

But, not all notifications are important, and if you are the busy type, you wouldn’t want to be bombarded with notification sounds from irrelevant emails. Also, if you discover that you are not receiving notifications for some emails, you should check your Gmail notification preference.

This is why Gmail provides notification preference on your iOS device. You have the option to configure the way you receive notifications. Through intelligent filtering, you can set it to get notified for high-priority emails only.

When you first open your Gmail inbox, you will receive a notification asking you to try notifications for high-priority emails only. This means you won’t receive notifications for promotional emails and every other map that Gmail detects to be less important.

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Either you accept this setting or you dismiss it, but wish to change your mind now. You can do so from your Gmail settings.

Launch the Gmail app and open the menu.

Next, scroll down to select Settings.

If you are logged in to multiple accounts, you should select the account you wish to change its notification preference and scroll down to the Notifications section.

Select the Notifications option (the first option), and select what email type you wish to receive notifications for.

You will only receive notifications for your email preference henceforth.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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