6 Must Use Productivity Apps on Android

There are numerous apps on the play store that you can install for one reason or another. An Android user who wants to get apps for productivity purposes, might not know the good among others, so in tackling the situation, we are going to discuss 6 must use productivity apps on Android in this article. Let’s get down to it!

1. Google Calendar App

Googlee’s near app is best integrated with Android. If all you need is a basic calendar and task list, it’s a great choice, but it has far fewer features than Outlook, which may be an issue. Also, another key weakness it lacks is the lack of categories for tasks.

However, integration with Google Assistant is nice, meaning you can say “Hey Google” and ask things like “When’s my first meeting today?” or “Where’s my next event?” You can also ask the assistant to schedule and add events.

2. Listing it!

Listing it! Is convenient and flexible, with powerful import and export features, while being quick and easy to use. You can create standard lists for your groceries or pack for an overnight trip, for example, then quickly check off what you’ve already finished and move on to what you still need to do.

You can import and export lists using simple text files, meaning you can easily back up lists or create them using a spreadsheet.

3. Word for Android

If you need to open and edit Word documents on the move, the official Microsoft Word for Android app is the best option. It has a simple interface that intuitively gives access to the most important features for creating and editing documents, and you can even write complex equations in the mobile app.

4. Google Docs

If you need a basic word processor, Google Docs can do a good job. However, don’t expect it to replace Microsoft Word. Docs isn’t suitable for producing large complex documents, as it lacks features like captions and cross-references. Also, unlike Word for Android, you can’t edit equations in the Android version.

5. Scan and Share Documents

CamScanner is another must-have productivity app for Android users. Whether it’s a two-page brochure or a 10,000-word white paper, it allows you to scan, store and sync real-world documents across devices using your phone camera.

You can extract text from images, make annotations and other edits to your digital documents, and secure important documents with a passcode. You can also easily share digital docs with others for easy collaboration—the perfect tool for anyone still working with paper documents.

6. WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer is among the must-use apps for you. It allows you to access all the files and folders on your Android device via a web browser. It works best with Google Chrome, allowing whole folders to be transferred. However, its free version is limited to 5 MB per file.

As stated earlier there are numerous apps for productivity on Android, but we feel the above-mentioned are the ones you can’t afford to install if you indeed want to improve your productivity. If you feel there’s anything we are missing, you can help drop a comment in the box provided below.

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