Why Enabling Automatic Updates Is Best For Your iOS Device – Experts

iPhone and iPad users have been encouraged to always switch on their iOS automatic updates as it reduces the risk of cybercrime attacks and gives access to more enjoyable experiences.

According to Apple’s Vice President of Software, Craig Federighi, while engaging a Reddit user said that automatic iOS updates can take up to four weeks to roll out to all users, in part due to Apple’s caution.

Apple’s VP noted that, if it can take a month for essential security updates to arrive on your device, why bother with auto-updates at all?.

Apple usually adds a level of protection for its servers so they aren’t easily overloaded when a new version of iOS is released. Setting automatic system updates means that your iOS device will automatically download the new updates and have them ready.

Automatic updates work great until an issue in 2019, the iOS 13 released then was a disaster, with problems in the camera app, AirDrop, and iMessage, app crashes, cellular data disconnection, and much more. It also felt unfinished and rushed.

Without automatic updates, there is a risk that people’s devices might be up for cybercriminals to catch up.

This put a significant blemish on Apple’s otherwise excellent reputation for software updates, most of which go smoothly. It may also have caused many people to hold back on updates and perhaps to turn off automatic updates altogether, which would be a major mistake.

While some users might not like to update their iOS devices, an expert, Caroline Wong, who is the Chief Strategy Officer at the cybersecurity company Cobalt said: “Without automatic updates, there are a risk people might not opt-in for the updates at all—meaning their data (like logins, financial info, etc.) is at risk for cybercriminals to snatch up.”

It is said that when there are software updates, there are usually two parts. One is security fixes and the other is new features. However, the security update is more important.

Apple is noted to have employed the one-month approach in rolling out updates to all its devices so that it won’t cause more damage than it fixes.

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