Twitter Sets To Allow Tweet Text Selection for Android

Twitter has finally set to allow Android users to use tweet text selection which has been enjoyed by iOS users for a while.

This is according to a tweet by Android Police, Jane Manchun Wong, who’s known for reverse engineering apps to find new features before they’re released, said the company is working on allowing Android users to freely select text within tweets.

The tweet text selection feature has been on iOS devices for some time.

When the news of the discovery first broke out, it led to some confusion among Android users as a handful of devices already allow you to do that. For instance, Google’s Pixel phones come with a feature called Overview Selection that lets you select text from any screen for copying and pasting.

But, former XDA Developers editor and Android expert Mishaal Rahman points out, said that the tool isn’t available everywhere.

“Apart from Google Pixels, I don’t know if any other devices have it.” He said.

It is not known why Twitter had taken so long in rolling out the feature for Android users, but now that it seems to be it, Android users will appreciate it.

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