Google Adds Search Feature To Verify Information Source

Google is set to be adding new notices to its search results to help people check the validity and source of information or a story. This is Google’s effort to fight misinformation on its platform.

The new feature according to reports will be appearing on local news stories, interviews, or press releases frequently linked to by other news publications as ‘highly cited’ in search results.

The highly cited label will appear on Top Stories and will be a small box in the corner of an article’s thumbnail.

Google said it hopes this label will increase original reporting as readers learn about the topic’s original context that may get lost in other articles.

Google’s ‘Cited Label’ will allow users to know the source of an information.

The label will be rolled out soon for Google’s mobile app in English for the US and will release globally in the next few weeks.

Google before this time had made another announcement saying that it’s rolling out improvements to its AI model to make Google Search a safer experience and one that’s better at handling sensitive queries, including those around topics like suicide, sexual assault, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

In addition, it is using AI technologies to improve its ability to remove unwanted explicit or suggestive content from Search results when people aren’t specifically seeking it out.

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