Android 13 Feature Sets to End Usage of SIM Cards

Goggle on Android 13 has developed a chip that will put an end to the usage of SIM cards which will allow users to be able to use two numbers on a device. iPhone 13 is the only available smartphone having two eSIMs features.

This is according to the latest Android code done by Esper, which stated that it looks as though Google is about to introduce Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) into the software, a technology that the company patented back in 2020.

It is said that if MEP does show up in Android 13, it would make it much easier for users to run two numbers at the same time on one phone, without any need for physical SIM cards.

If Google develops Multiple Enabled Profiles on Android 13, usage of SIM cards might end soon.

The eSIMs on many phones currently can store multiple profiles, but only one can be active at only one time – Android 13 may be able to remove that limitation when it launches.

Speaking of the advantage of eSIMs, you can connect up in seconds via a QR code, and phone makers can use the SIM card slot space for a different component or a bigger battery.

With rumors of an eSIM-only iPhone continuing to circulate, and the iPhone 13 having two eSIMs on board, Google is going to be keen to get it installed in handsets as quickly as possible.

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