Steps to configure GPS location on your Android Studio Emulator


What is a GPS? GPS stands for “Global Positioning System.” It is a satellite navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object. 

Android Studio Emulator is used to simulate android devices on your computer for testing purposes without the need for a physical phone device with the emulator coming with predefined configurations for various Android phones and tablets.

Have you ever experienced the awkward moment when your Android Studio Emulator is capturing the wrong GPS location? The image I am sharing below shows an Android Studio Emulator which is supposed to have a Lagos Nigeria address is displaying a location outside Nigeria. In this guide, I will show you what you can quickly do to configure the GPS location on your emulator.

To proceed, run your Android Emulator and click on the three dots on the menus beside.


On the left pane, select Location and change the coordinates according to your location. Press the Send button, changes will immediately take effect. You can use Google Maps to get your current coordinates both longitude and latitude and input them inside here.


If the coordinates are not displaying like the image above then the image below applies, make sure the Enable GPS signal button is ON and you can just input your current address into the box and hit Enter.

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