Telegram Adds In-App Translation, Message Reaction Support, And Two Other Features In New Update For Android And iOS Users

Telegram which is an encrypted messaging app has announced some new features like the ability to translate messages in the app and react with emojis to messages for a quick response. It also added support for spoiler text formatting which will allow users to hide the content of a message that may contain spoilers. The update is Telegram’s effort to serve its users better, and also be competitive in the messaging app space.

This was contained in the Telegram’s official blog. The first feature revealed is an in-app translation feature, which can convert messages received from another user or a group. Users can enable the feature by navigating to Settings > Language. Users will see a translate button for messages sent in languages they do not read. The feature will be available for all Android users, while iPhone owners will need to make sure they have updated to iOS 15 to use the feature.

The messaging app also in the latest update, added support for quick reactions, allowing emojis to be used to react to messages they receive from other users. The feature has been popularised by apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram — even WhatsApp is said to be working on message reactions. Android users can navigate to Chat Settings > Quick Reaction, while iOS users will need to check Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction to choose their default reaction emoji.

Telegram added more support features in the latest update for Android and iOS users.

Telegram has also added support for spoiler formatting, which will allow users to hide the content of their messages if they contain spoilers of any kind. Users can choose to hide specific parts of their messages, which others can tap to reveal.

Another new feature added is the ability to generate themed QR codes for any users that have a public username, as well as for groups, channels, and bots. This can be put into function by tapping the new QR code icon next to the username of a person (or from a chat’s info page), choosing the colors and pattern that fit best, then printing, posting, or sharing your QR code with other apps.

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