iPhone 13 Users Criticize Apple For Removing Noise Cancellation Option In iPhone 13 Series

Users of the iPhone 13 Series which was launched in September with a list of updates over the existing models have been demanding from Apple the reason why the noise cancellation option is not added on the iPhone 13 series as it were in the older models. Apple has been said to have been notified of this complaint, but it is yet to take any action.

The noise cancellation feature is said to help reduces ambient noise from the surroundings making for a more crisp and clear voice quality while on a call. This is contained in previous iPhone models but missing in iPhone 13 Series. Users have been demanding Apple add it back for some time now.

A user made his complaint known on a popular social app, Reddit about the lack of the noise cancellation option on the iPhone 13 a few days back. Several other users agreed to the complaint and wondered why the new iPhone series doesn’t have that support.

iPhone 13 users want Apple to add the cancelation feature that is available in older fashions.

Some users also mentioned that the lack isn’t due to a hardware constraint as the iPhone 13 series does have a sufficient number of microphones to support noise cancellation.

In October, a user posted about the lack of the noise cancellation option on the iPhone 13 Pro Max on Apple Community forums. An Apple Community Specialist responded to the user issue with a link to an article on how to adjust the audio settings on the iPhone.

The given link does mention the existence of Phone Noise Cancellation that users on the older iPhone models can enable by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/ Visual. However, the particular option is not available in the iPhone 13.

It is observed that Apple is though aware of the issue but hasn’t categorically addressed it for the iPhone 13 Series and users can’t stop demanding updates.

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