WhatsApp Working On Animated Heart Emojis For Android And iOS Users

WhatsApp will soon be adding animated heart emojis of various colors for Android and iOS. The feature that has been available on WhatsApp Web/Desktop will be available on other systems sooner or later as the Meta-owned instant messaging app was reported to be working on two new visual indicators on its Call and Status screen on the iOS version to inform users about end-to-end encryption.

According to a report, WhatsApp is working to bring animation to all heart emojis on the app. Currently, the Red heart emoji has a beating animation on all platforms. With the latest development, it seems that all the available colored heart emojis will get the beating animation.

The report also revealed that has started releasing the features on WhatsApp for iOS and that work is ongoing for the feature to be added on WhatsApp for Android as well.

WhatsApp for IOS and Android to get animated heart emojis soon.

While awaiting the update, the latest version of WhatsApp brings new message reactions on the latest version of WhatsApp. Once sent, a red heart emoji is shown through animation but it is only visible when sending that specific heart. The new change will introduce the same animation for all other heart emojis on WhatsApp.

The animation heart emoji is said to be created to inform the users that apart from messages, their personal calls and status are also protected with end-to-end encryption.

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