How to do Facebook live video: Go live on Facebook

Facebook live is the best mean of engaging with your audience on Facebook.

Ever attended a live Facebook streaming, seen the potential, and wondered how you can also set up one?

Facebook live streaming is a powerful feature included in the social media Giant platform, and it has been included since 2016.

With Facebook live, brands and influential can increase their followership and revenues by staging exciting performances and unveiling their products, the perks to this are that the video is unedited, so users get an unedited view of whatever content they are viewing, without the feeling of being outsmarted, they can build confidence in the brand.

With Facebook Live, you can interact with your audience in real-time, sharing fun and happiness, there is also an increase in engagement because viewers are aware that missing the session means missing out on the fun, so they are eager to participate.

Starting a live video can be as easy as preparing an omelet.

This post teaches you how to start a live video on Facebook in a few easy steps.

Go live on facebook
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Steps to starting live video on Facebook

Follow the steps below to start a live video, you can also start a live video from a business page or a profile page.

Step 1. Open the Facebook App and Sign-in.

Step 2. Decide your Audience: You need to decide who your audience are to choose the method to be used, if you have a Facebook group and you want to engage your group members, you need to go to the Facebook group.

If you manage a Facebook page and you wish to engage the page followers, you need to go to the facebook page.

And if you just want to engage your friends and followers, or the public in general, you can continue from your primary account.

Step 3. Click on “Live”: From your profile page, Facebook business page, or the group home page. Click on the ” Live” button.

Step 4. Choose your Audience: If you are going live in a group, you cannot change the audience settings, the audience will be the default audience according to the group settings.

If you are going live from your Facebook page, the audience will be public, but if you are going live from your profile, you can customize your audience.

You have lots of options to choose your audience as shown below.

Step 5. Select live settings: From the menu, you can select what happens during and after the live video.

You can add a description to your post to inform the audience of what the post is about, you can add a location, and you can allow users to rewind the video (User device dependent).

Step 6. Add filter: You can add filters to your post to make it more fun and engaging by clicking on the filter button.

You have lots of options to choose from, just scroll to the left.

Note: Remember not to use filters that will impact the quality and intent of the video, filters should be minimal and should be related to the video description.

Step 7. Go live: Now that you are done tweaking with settings and customization, you can go live by clicking on the “Go Live” button.

Now, you can start sharing your special moment with your audience.

I hope you find the information helpful, please leave a comment if you had any questions.

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