How to Update Facebook

With every Facebook version comes a new feature.

Facebook, being the biggest of all the social networks with over 2.74 Billion monthly active users from around the world, is popular among social media users, it is the second most downloaded social media app and its users spend an average of 34 minutes per day using the social media platform.

Fun fact: 500 million people use Facebook story daily.

This is because Facebook not only helps you connect with loved ones, creates a community and business page, it is also a source of trending news and provides lots of fun to its users, including videos and games. Have you heard of the sandbox?

Fun fact: 36% of people get News from Facebook and 45% of New music Seekers between ages 35-54 discover new music From Facebook.

But all these features aren’t implemented at a go, but Facebook regularly releases an update to include new features, and to enjoy these features, you need to update your Facebook app.

Facebook can be updated from the App, the Play Store, or the App Store.

Since Facebook is accessed by the majority of its users from mobile phones, this post teaches you how to update the Facebook app on your mobile phone. Facebook for Web is being automatically updated by the way.

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From the Playstore

80.5% of Facebook users access the platform from an Android device, follow the step below to update your Facebook from the Playstore.

Fun Fact: 79.9% of Facebook users access the platform from only a mobile device, 1.7% from a PC, and 18.5% from both.

Step 1. Open Playstore.

Step 2. Search for “Facebook”: The Facebook app should appear in the search result.

Step 3. Click on the “Update” button: click on the “Update” button to update your Facebook app.

Once Updated, you will no longer see the “Update” button.

You can now enjoy Facebook with full features.

From the App Store

14.3% of Facebook users access the platform from an iOS device, follow the steps below to update your Facebook app from the App store.

Step 1. Open App Store

Step 2. Tap on your profile picture.

Step 3. Locate Facebook: From the list of apps with available updates, locate Facebook

Step 4. Tap “Update”: Tap the Update button next to it, your Facebook App should be Updated after then.

From the Facebook App

This option is usually available in the Facebook lite version or when you have a new phone that comes pre-installed with Facebook.

You will see a notification that an update is available and a link to update the Facebook app, click on the link to update your App.

I hope you find this information useful, please leave a comment if you had any questions.

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