How to send email to a phone number

Email communication has become an integral part of the smart world, but not everyone uses a smartphone.

E-mail communication is one of the cheapest means of communication since it cost little to nothing, both large and small corporations rely on it to communicate with their staff and customers, and as well as individuals, among friends and relatives.

To communicate via email, a smart device, such as a smartphone that can accommodate the email client is needed, this is a limitation since not everyone uses a smartphone, some people are just more comfortable with feature phones.

Getting across to these people via mail (which is often the cheapest means of communication, especially for a large organization) can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be, provided the recipient can receive an SMS.

E-mails can be sent to a mobile number as an SMS through the carrier gateway. And it is free too!

An SMS gateway is a module that converts emails to SMS to be received by the respective mobile number, different carriers had their respective SMS gateway that can be used to send SMS or MMS to the respective mobile number.

You can send an email to a mobile number just like you can send it to another email address at no cost, but the receiver may be charged.

This post teaches you how to send eMail to a mobile number as an SMS or MMS.

Send email to phone number

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Steps to sending Email to a Mobile Number

Sending eMails to a mobile number is as simple as sending a regular eMail, follow the steps below to get started.

Note: You must know the receiver's carrier or operator to use this feature, that is how you can know the gateway to use in sending the message. I have listed below, a list of SMS gateway for popular carriers, both in the US and International.

Step 1. Open your email client and start a new message: In my case, I will be using Gmail, therefore, I open Gmail and click on “Compose”.

Step 2. Fill in the receiver’s Phone number and Carrier’s gateway in the “To:” field: In the recipient field, fill in the receiver’s phone number and carrier SMS gateway in this order: PhoneNumber@SMSGatwWay.

I.e, if I am using AT&T, and the recipient phone number is 1252347657, I will type in the following at the recipient address field:

Step 3. Hit Send: Once you are done preparing your message, hit send, and the recipient should receive it in minutes.

SMS Gateways for popular carriers

To send eMail as an SMS to a mobile number, you need their SMS gateway, which is different for different carriers. Below is a list of SMS gateways for popular mobile carriers.

Note: Not all mobile carriers made their SMS gateway publicly available









Boost Mobile



Project Fi




Kindly visit this page for a more comprehensive list, including for other countries.

I hope you find this information helpful, please leave a comment in the comment box if you had any questions.

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