How to view Instagram without an account

Instagram is designed to prevent unregistered users from browsing the platform.

If you open Instagram, either from the mobile app or the web, you won’t have the option to navigate to anywhere else except the login page.

Now, if you had no intention of creating an account yourself but just wish to view trending content that you must have heard from someone or while browsing other site, this can be frustrating.

Luckily though, you can browse any post or profile on Instagram, provided you had the direct link.

Follow the procedure below to view Instagram without an account.

View Instagram without account

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Steps to viewing Instagram without an account

Note: you must have the direct link to the post before continuing with this step, if you just want to view someone profile, you must know the profile username.

Step 1. Get the link: Get the direct link to the post you wish to view, if it is a profile add it as a suffix to “”. I.e, if I want to view the profile of the username “renerd_liam” I will write the link this way “”

Step 2. Open your browser and type in the link: Type in the link to your browser, it should take you directly to the content or profiles.

Step 3. Browse Around: you can now view the post, and if it’s a profile, you can view all posts that are made public. You can also share the post.

What you cannot do

Without an account, you cannot perform the following activities:

1. Comment on the post

2. Like the post

3. Save the post

4. Zoom in on the post

5. Follow the account

6. View stories or highlights.

To enjoy these benefits, you should consider signing up for an Instagram account.

I hope you find this information helpful, please leave a comment if you had any questions.

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