How to make your Facebook private

Making your Facebook private keeps off intruders.

You can keep your profile information visible to only a small group of people or yourself, keep it from appearing in search results and prevent the general public from seeing your posts.

This post teaches you how to make your Facebook profile, posts, friend lists, and photos private.

Facebook private

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Steps to making your Facebook profile private

Since Facebook is more accessed from mobile than from Desktop, I will use the mobile Facebook app to explain this step.

Step 1. Open the Facebook App.

Step 2: Go to menu.

Step 3. Scroll down to “settings and privacy”.

Step 4. Select settings.

Step 5. Select profile settings.

Step 6. To control who can send you friend requests and view your profile; Click on profile privacy.

To set up who sees what you share, and how people can find you on Facebook, select the first option.

To set up who can see your birthdays, etc, choose the second option.

While editing your profile information, you can set up its privacy by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of each option.

You get the following options.

Note: You may not see the “only me” option immediately, in that case, click on “more option.

Go to the Activity tab to control who can see your future post, your past post, and people and pages you follow.

The rest settings on this page are how people can find and contact you on Facebook, customize them to your preference.

Step 7. To decide who interacts with your profile and tag you; go to “profile and tagging”.

Step 8. To control who can follow you and comment on your public post; Go to “Public post”.

By selecting each option and applying privacy rules to the “public, friends, only me”, you can keep your Facebook profile private.

Note: your current profile picture is public by default and cannot be changed.

I hope you find this information useful, please leave a comment if you

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