How to add a signature to Gmail eMails

A signature is your identity.

Ever wish to create a strong familiarity with your audience or recipient? You can add a signature that paints a good picture of your personality to your recipients.

A Gmail signature is a text or picture, or even your logo, that appears beneath every message you sent to a recipient.

You can create a signature for your Gmail account within a couple of minutes.

I have explained how to add a signature to your Gmail in this post.

Add signature to Gmail

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From the Gmail mobile App

The Gmail mobile App allows you to add a text-based signature to your E-mails, follow the steps below to add your signature.

Step 1. Open the Gmail App.

Step 2. Go to menu: from your Gmail app, go to menu.

Step 3. Open settings: Scroll down to locate settings and open it.

Step 4. Select an account: if you have multiple Gmail account, select the one you wish to add a signature to, else, proceed with the next step.

Step 5. Scroll down to mobile signature

Step 6. Set your signature: you can set your signature by typing in the text you wish to appear beneath your mails.

Once done, click “ok” and exit, your signature should appear beneath every mail you send onward.

From your PC

You can customize your signature if you are adding it from a PC, you can change the font, add a graphic signature, and add your pictures, follow the steps below to add a signature to your mail from a PC

Note: if you wish to add a graphic signature, you should have previously created it on a white background or a transparent background and save it as a png file before continuing with this step.

Step 1. Go to Gmail.

Step 2. Click on the Settings gear: From the top right corner of your Gmail account, click on the Settings gear.

Step 3. Click on “see all settings”.

Step 4. Scroll down to “Signature”.

Step 5. Click “Create New”: This will bring up a popup, input your signature and click on ” Create”.

Step 6. Customize your signature: Once you’ve created a name for your signature, you can now customize it using the customize pane.

You can add more details describing yourself by typing into the box, you can change the text style to either large or small by clicking on this:

You can also Bold your text, italic it, underline and change its color by using the necessary tools.

To add an image or input a graphic signature; click on the image button.

You can input an image URL, upload it from your drive, or your computer.

You can create multiple signatures by using the “create new” button, you can decide which signature appears in new messages and which appears in replies, since I have only one signature, I use it for both.

You can also choose where the signature appears in replies by marking this box.

Step 7. Save your Changes: Scroll down to the bottom of your settings page and click on “save changes”.

I hope you find this information useful, if you had any questions, please leave it in the comment box.

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