How to listen to Podcast on Android

Podcasts are audio programs that are freely available to internet users.

You can listen to Podcasts on Android provided you have a stable internet connection

Podcasts are available to Android users by using the Google podcast Android App. This post explains how you can listen to a podcast on your android device.

Podcast on Android

Listen to Podcasts by using “Google Podcasts”

Google podcast is a free podcast app available to Android users, with Google podcast, you can save your progress and track it across devices that you are signed into with your Google account.

Follow the steps below to listen to the google podcast on your android device;

Step 1. Download “Google podcasts” from the Playstore: Open Google playstore and search for “Google podcasts” to download.

Step 2. Launch the app and sign in: Launch the App and sign in to your google account to track your activity.

Step 3. Select a podcast: You can explore podcast lists by scrolling to a topic, and you can simply choose from the “for you” tab.

To select a podcast, click on it to display it’s information.

You can see a list of episodes in the podcast.

Step 4. Click on an episode to play or download: To listen to an episode, click on it to reveal the play button.

Click on “Play” to stream the episode, and “Download” to save it offline.

You can access your download lists from the “Activity” tab.

Visit Here to learn more about Google podcasts.

I hope you find this information useful, kindly leave a comment if you had any questions.

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