How to root your Android phone without a PC: Best Apps to root Android phones without a PC

If you want to extend your Android phone capabilities like Installing special Apps, freeing up your memory, customising your OS, removing blot wares and cleaning up your ROM, rooting your Android phone is the best option.

But ordinarily, rooting Android devices require you to have access to a PC, which everyone is not opportune to, denying several people the opportunity to root their Android phone.

Also, the process of rooting a phone with a PC is complicated and can be confusing to a non-technical person.

Luckily you can easily root your Android phone without the complication of using a PC

This is possible with the use of rooting apps, such as Framaroot and Universal Androot, which makes it possible to root your Android phone without a PC, provided there is a stable internet connection

This post teaches you how to root your Android devices without PC

Root android
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Why We chose these Apps

There are many Apps, which claims to help you root your android phone without a PC, and while we are not ridiculing their claim, we found out that most Apps are equally complicated, and do not provide an easy method to unroot your phone once rooted.

For a non-technical mind, the process can be complicated, therefore we select Apps that make things easier, even for a novice.

These Apps allows you to:

– Easily root your Android phone in a straight-forward process

– Easily Un-root your phone with one click

Before we get Started:

Before we get started with this process, you should take note that rooting your android void every manufacturer’s warranty.

You should also do the following before continuing with this step:

– Backup your device (Preferably locally)

Enable installation of Apps from unknown sources

– Fully Charge your Phone

Enable USB debugging

– Verify your phone model number (Go to settings>About phone then scroll down to locate the model number)

Steps to rooting your Android Phone without a PC

1. Using Framaroot

Framaroot allows you to easily root your phone without a PC and also provide you with an easy method to un-root your device

Framaroot is not available on the Playstore, you can download the APK by using the following button:

Before you download, you may want to check if it is compatible with your Phone

Step 1. Install the APK: Locate the APK file from your File manager and install it.

Play protect may block the App as shown below:

Simply click on the drop-down icon to reveal another option, then select “install anyway”.

If your phone is supported, the App will be installed.

Step 2. Install Supersu: you will need to install super su by selecting it from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Restart your device: Once the installation is successful, you can restart your device to effect the change.

2. Using Universal Androot

Universal Androot also allows you to root your Android phone without a PC, it gives you the flexibility to un-root your phone if you no longer need to root, and you can choose to temporarily root your phone.

The App is not available on the Google play store, but you can download it using the button below.

Once downloaded, you can continue with the steps below:

Step 1. Install and launch the App: Locate the apk file and open it to install. Once installed, launch the App.

Step 2. Install Superuser: Specify your system android version by choosing the right superuser to install from the drop-down menu.

You can also choose to temporarily root your device by selecting Softroot:

Your device will be automatically un-rooted once you reboot.

Step 3. Select “Go root”: Selecting ” Go root” will begin the rooting process, once successful, you can reboot your device for the change to effect.

Step 4: Unroot your device: You can un root your device by opening “Universal Android Apk” again, and selecting “Unroot”.

I hope you find this information helpful, kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

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